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Реальные истории жён 11 / Real Wife Stories 11 (2012)

Общий бал: 7.5
Проголосовало людей: 10
"Tales of a Slutty Wife" Priya recounts the events of the day to her husband. She tells him that their neighbor Johnny stopped by to drop off some mail that got mixed up. Just a harmless visit from the neighbor. Is she telling the truth? Or has she been up to no good? "Threesome Therapy" Charley and Ramon's marriage has hit the rocks. The unhappy couple has hired a marriage counselor, Raylene. She concludes that the couple's problems stem from a fading sex life, and suggests immediate fucking as the best way to rescue the marriage. "A Swinging Good Time" Rachel and Mick have been married for quite some time and have great sex. Today they're going to hang out with Keiran and his wife Rachel. It's safe to assume that they're going to have one sexy evening. "Baise-Moi, Johnny!" Johnny Sins wakes up one morning to find his extremely fuckilicious wife Katsuni working on his car. After this French femme fatale finishes fiddling around with his gaskets she offers to check under Johnny's "hood." "Night of Surprises" Sarah finally gets a dinner invitation from her husband. This is a moment they can work on their relationship but her husband ignores her. Danny the stranger sitting at the bar notices her loneliness and offers to show her a night of surprises.

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