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ny time Jim Powers takes on a genre, we can count on hot sex, cool music and a lot of fun. He doesn't just hire girl, throw them on a couch and go to town. This time he is dipping into the Asian chick pond with a taste of uniform fetish, a dash of horny young girl stuff and even a pinch of pedo fantasy stuff. The girls Powers has chosen are a mix of new meat and more experienced knob polishers. Tia Tanaka headlines this great cast of cute Asian girls. She's one of the cutest, most consistent performers in the business. Little miss Kitty also pops up. I don't know exactly how Powers will use her, but I'll bet he takes advantage of her status as one of the most felonious looking young girls in the biz. He's also taking full advantage of those cute little white sailor suits. Those things are so cute that Powers even has his own insignia added to them. Nice touch. Perhaps we will see more of the Japanese School Girls in the future.
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