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Miss Lucifer Productions proudly presents its new movie “Malice in Lalaland”, directed by Lew Xypher, featuring international superstar Sasha Grey.

“Malice In Lalaland” is an innovative Miss Lucifer Productions film shot on 35 mm. Based on the two books by Lewis Carroll: “Alice In Wonderland” and “Through The Looking glass”, they stay true to a strange world and its’ even stranger characters.

Malice (Sasha Grey) manages to escape from an asylum with the help of Rabbit (Stephen Powers). During her escape from doctor Queenie (Andy San Dimas) and Jabbowski (Dirty Fred), she has the most sexy adventures ever. “Let’s fuck ‘n roll!!!”

The "Malice In Lalaland" DVD is packed with extra features. First of all the DVD comes with a 40 page booklet filled with beautiful production pictures, polaroids and behind the scenes photographs. On the DVD you'll find 50 minutes of behind the scene footage filmed by Keni Styles. He shows you all the juicy details of the production. Next to that a hot camcorder scene filmed by Sasha Grey herself. And there's yet more to come: a beautiful photo gallery (soft and hard), storyboard images, trailers and much more!
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