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Monika Wild is craving cock but one is not enouogh for her. Kai Taylor & Zack step in to give this hot brunette babe what she craves. Zack & Kai take turns sharing her holes. The boys, Zack and Choky Ice, are just hanging out at the kitchen table when Sofia Like walks in. It only takes a nudge for them ot head over to the young beauty and start teaming up to fuck her. Tina Kay is a badass bitch who doesn't mess around. She blinds her men and lays them down for a double jack-off. Enough teasing! "We are going to have fun," she says, and the boys, Zack and Renato, agree. She keeps her pantihose stockings on and they get butt fucked, sucking and double penetrating their lady until exploding all over their mistress. Karina Grand has her two men in tow, blindfolded and being scratched bright red. She's tied them and brought them to her lair, an anonymous place she keeps for her fun times. This act is quickly dropped however, and Choky Ice and Victor Solo dig into fucking the blonde silly in an anal creampie.
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