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The passion still burns bright for loving couple Kinuski and Deny Lou, in Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Ten Years Together." They chat in the kitchen as Deny prepares dinner, until his petite sweetheart takes the potato peeler from his hand and kisses him tenderly. Their embrace grows heated as Kinuski’s silk robe falls open to expose her beautiful breasts. Deny fondles them eagerly, then slips a hand into Kinuski’s panties as she unzips his jeans and strokes his stiff cock. He lifts her up onto the kitchen counter, hooks her legs over his shoulders and penetrates her, making her gasp with his vigorous thrusts. After a breathless orgasm, and then a second, Deny fingers and eats her pussy, driving her to another climax. Kinuski bends over the counter so Deny can fuck her from behind, her breasts jiggling each time he slams into her. She leads him to the sofa, kneeling to suck his cock, then straddling him in cowgirl and riding until they orgasm together.
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11 октября 2021 23:08
У актрисы такое выражение лица, хотелось чтобы ее кто-то поскорее пристрелил, чтобы не мучилась.
Хотя эта пара вообще какая-то бесячая
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