Sexy redhead Linda Sweet lies on the bed opposite hot blonde Alexis Crystal, “Mirroring” her every move. Wearing nothing but white cotton panties, the two gorgeous babes tease their nipples, each sliding a hand down to her pussy in synch, stroking themselves through the thin fabric. They lick their fingers and tug their panties aside, letting their fingers explore between the hot groove of their pussy lips, gazing at each other lustfully. In unison, they slip their panties off, moving closer so they can kiss passionately, legs entwined. Now freckled cutie Linda takes control, pushing Alexis onto her back and sucking her stiff nipples, then kissing her way down to her wet pussy, lapping with her pierced tongue. She thrusts two fingers into the horny blonde’s shaved slit, licking her clit, driving her wild. Alexis lifts her hips and grinds on Linda’s mouth, grabbing her hair, overwhelmed. They move into spoons, Alexis frigging her own clit as Linda fingers her from behind, making her orgasm. Now Linda straddles her face, rocking her hips as she rides her flickering tongue. Alexis spreads Linda’s hot pink folds open with her fingers and licks her skilfully. Linda climaxes with her lover’s fingers plunged deep inside her, the two of them perfectly in tune with each other’s needs and desires.
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