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—On a rocky coastline, an escaped convict named Paul washes ashore half-dead but also half-horny. Both halves of him find succor in the loving arms of voluptuous Marita (Miss Grossen) who takes him to her home and hides him in the basement. Pretty soon, Paul rises to the occasion… and who wouldn’t? Senora Grossen is all woman as we happily are shown often and in intimate detail. She’s the titular “lonely woman” — and we do mean titular! Sexual sparks fly between them right off the bat. Paul’s bat.
However, Marita is married — unhappily, of course — to Ricardo, the sadistic commandante of the prison from which Paul has escaped. Naturally. Worse, her bastardo hubby tries to pimp her off to one of his cronies, a sleazeball named Herman, who tries Marita when she resists. It all ends in a nail-biting chase with Ricardo and Herman in pursuit of the desperate lovers…
But it’s the lip-smacking sensuality of La Grossen that steals the show in one sex scene after another with Paul. Softer and prettier than Miss Sarli, Susanna Grossen is hands-down one of the hottest tamales in the Latina pantheon of sultry sexploitation stars. Nah, she can’t act worth a lick but her hooters sure know the way to San Jose!
—An unhappily married woman finds love in the arms of an escaped convict, but her sadistic husband and his diabolical friend have other plans in store
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