Marvelous (2017)

Общий бал: 8
Проголосовало людей: 6
After a press conference on her latest collar, Marvelous Girl escapes out the back door only to be confronted by a very strange hooded figure. Taking him for a reporter based on the recording device he shoves in her face, her immediate response is, "no questions". Before she realizes it, he's thrown a small smoke pellet that engulfs her head in a gas. He orders her to follow and much to her surprise, she's unable to resist and complies. He takes her to an undisclosed location nearby and meets his partner viper. Realizing the gas effect is temporary, they know they need to restrain her. Before restraints, Viper injects her with a toxic venom. Between the venom and the smoke, Marvelous finds herself physically incapacitated and mentally comprised. She passes out only to wake with her arms AOH. She's been stripped of her power suit. The odds seem not in her favor, yet the cocky heroine still believes her defenses will be enough to fend of whatever plans the sick and twisted Viper and Mage have in store. She couldn't be more wrong...

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