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Passionate lesbian lovers Kinuski and Lili Parker share a tender encounter, in Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Hypnotic Moments.” Platinum blonde Lili embraces her sexy Finnish sweetheart, stroking her breasts and pinching her nipples through her thin shirt. She tugs the fabric aside and lavishes attention on Kinuski’s beautiful boobs, sliding a hand into her tight jeans to pleasure her. Peeling off Kinuski’s jeans and panties, Lili eases a finger inside her shaved pussy, frigging her frantically, then goes down to lick her intricate folds, giving her a powerful orgasm. Stripping naked, Lili grabs a vibrator and presses it against Kinuski’s clit, the intense sensations making her gasp and moan as she cums again. Now Kinuski fondles and sucks Lili’s breasts and laps at her pussy, keeping her on the verge of orgasm and then using the vibrator to drive her wild. It’s enough to make Lili hungry for another taste of her girlfriend…
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