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Cute blonde Nikki Hill is making notes when Sam Bourne grabs her attention for a little “Morning Romance.” As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins, Sam encourages his sweetheart to come back to bed with tender kisses, pulling down her white lace lingerie to caress her beautiful breasts. He sucks her nipples as she slides a hand beneath the covers to stroke his stiff cock eagerly. Taking off her panties, Nikki straddles her man and feeds his erection into her shaved pussy, her sexy ass rising and falling in his lap as she rides to a breathless orgasm. They move into spoons, kissing passionately as Sam thrusts into Nikki’s soaked slot from behind, making her moan with excitement. She rubs her clit as he fucks her to another powerful climax, then goes down to eat her pussy before penetrating her again in missionary. Her boobs wobble deliciously as he plows into her, driving her to orgasm again as he fills her with his hot cum.
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