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Let Playboy be your guide as you follow the paths of five intriguing couples, whose willingness to explore erotic new realms leads to greater sexual fulfillment and heightened levels of intimacy and trust.

A Game played for sexual stakes provides a titillating arena in which one couple overcomes their inhibitions. Acting out a Film Fantasy allows a pair of lovers to experience exotic, romantic moments and add a playful element to their sexual repertoire. Pretending helps another couple create their own erotic environment, savor some highly-charged flirtation and indulge in intense lovemaking Two lovers' Secret Desires involve imaginative role playing..leading to a passionate climax. And finally, Risk Taking acts as an aphrodisiac for a couple whose sense of adventure leads to an exhilarating tryst with the promise of more to come.

The line between imagination and reality will disappear as you and your lover learn and live out each other's most erotic fantasies!
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