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Lois Ayres and John Leslie are a successful married couple who jack up their marriage with
sex fantasies. She is a novelist who writes about women’s' fantasies and he is an actor who
adds flair to every role he plays. An interview segment of an adult television show serves
as a private lingerie party for a husband, wife and close friend.

Lois Ayres comes off as believable and seems quite into it when she gets shackled and screwed
in the back of a limousine. The real heat in the picture comes compliment of Nina Hartley,
Kari Fox, and Troy Tanier. Tanier shows some skill at acting as the befuddled husband who is
asked to comment on his wife and her best friend's new lingerie. A long, lusty sex scene
follows, while a tasty blues number plays in the background. Paul Thomas and Keli Richards
are both funny and sexy in their humorous portrayal of sleazy talk show hosts. Last but not
least, John Leslie turns in one of the acting performances of his career.

Nina Hartly and the fantasies among young married are very hot. There is car sex, tease and
exhibition scenes making this a must see movie.
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