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Agathe organizes a dinner at her place and invites her friends Jennifer, Sandrine, and Lise. At the same time, Jean-Philippe invites Seb, Franck, and Bertrand to his place. The film recounts this evening during which the two groups, men on one side, women on the other, come to talk about sex and describe their experiences. Each gives his/her own version of events, often completely different from those of their partner. Lise, who has never experienced an orgasm in her life, confides in her friends about her sex life with Frank, her husband, who on his side addresses the subject in a completely different manner. Bertrand enthusiastically tells of an incredible partner-swapping experience that Sandrine, his wife, describes on her side as a disappointment. In his conquests stories, Seb only recounts the number of positions he has performed while it seems obvious that his partners are terribly disappointed. Each of the couples hide their affairs which everyone pretends to ignore. As for Agatha, she attempts to manage the confusion she's sowed in the mind of Jean-Philippe, the boyfriend of her daughter...
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