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Продюсер 2 / The Producer II (2020)

Общий бал: 8.5
Проголосовало людей: 8
Cadence Lux has left Wisconsin to film in the big leagues-- Los Angeles! Since moving to LA, the actresses one-by-one have come out about her looks on power, and other scandalous behavior on her filming sets. Cadence tries to fend off paparazzi as she gets in her car to try to salvage her failing business. Cadence has a grand plan. She's reached out to Whitney Macintosh, of Macintosh Erotic, and has asked to sit in on her set. Whitney runs a tight ship, she encourages her actors to speak out if they are uncomfortable in any way on her film sets, and the actors take liberty with Whitney's kindness. Cadence pours a little magic into Whitney's coffee mug and encourages Whitney to take control when she's directing. Whitney stumbles and slurs as she directs Kenzie Reeves and Kiara Cole. Whitney's filming crew is complete disagreement with Whitney's behavior, and Whitney fires them! Cadence looks on with a sly smile as her scheme turns like clockwork.

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