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his Franco porno farce was shot at roughly the same time as the more serious "El Mir?n y la exhibicionista". Shot in different hotel rooms in Alicante, it features some of the same cast members, though under different names.
There's Lina Romay, of course, here credited as "Candy Coster" (a pseudonym she used when she wore a blonde wig), who plays -- as far as I can tell -- a porn star named Candy Coster, which gives this candy floss an interesting recursive streak. Candy's husband (the voyeur from the other film) is too tired to keep up with her insatiable sexual appetites, leaving her so bored that she decides to pursue other erotic adventures. The first takes place in a room decorated with a latter-day Beatles poster (!), with two young studs she takes in her mouth at the same time. Then a busty girlfriend shows up, and the guys service them while they exchange gossip like they're at the hairdresser. (In the book "Obsession," Franco calls this "one of the best comic sequences in the history of pornographic cinema." Hey, you decide.) Candy and friend then ditch the men and explore one another, until another woman drops by. The film reaches its climax as Candy and the members of her various trysts stumble upon the husband's secret B&D session with a dominatrix, which they decide to crash, turning it into a messy orgy for all involved!
The direction is credited to "Lulu Laverne," a name later adopted by Lina Romay for her screen appearances. Ms. "Coster" is joined by an anonymous cast including Paco Jones (Jos? Llamas), Sandra Pitosa (Mabel Esca?o), Mona Lisa (Concha Montes) and Evaristo Pichales (Jos? Miguel Garc?a). Diego Porta is credited on the packaging but not on the screen. The photography is credited to "Pi Toties", which sounds suspiciously similar to "Pitosa" but was almost certainly Franco himself.
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