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Rebecca has decided that it's time for her boyfriend to enjoy the delights of another woman. She blindfolds him and starts sucking and stroking his dick. She makes eye contact with Cindy and the other girl takes over for her friend.

Gianna has been hanging out with Mackenzie and her husband and her attraction to both grows with every minute. Eventually, Gianna hatches a sexy plan to get everything she wants: bush and cock in the same afternoon.

Kristen is so proud of her boyfriend for how good he's been during Lent. As a reward, Kristen decides that she's going to set up a threesome with their friend Rosalyn. All she has to do is get Rosalyn on board with her sexy plan.

Nikki steps into the shower. She washes her hard nipples and creamy pussy, giving Charlie quite a show. When Nikki steps out of the shower, she and Charlie decided to take the party to the bed so that Max can satisfy them both.
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