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Tyler had a crush on Whitney when they were in high school. Now that their parents are married, Whitney loves walking around the house in booty shorts to tease the shy Tyler. She finally corners him in the living room and asks why he never asked her out in high school. She tells him he’d be surprised what women would agree to, if he only had the balls to make a move. He kisses her. This isn’t enough to impress Whitney. She challenges Tyler by telling him that, in her experience, shy guys are terrible in bed. Tyler jumps on this invitation, and on her. He lives out his fantasy of fucking his high school crush by diving face first into his stepsister’s bush on the family couch. After getting her nice and wet, he slides his cock in. Whitney is pleasantly surprised, but she wants more. The two switch off taking the lead. Whitney rides Tyler, and then he turns her around and fucks her from behind. Neither can stop cumming all over each other.

Khloe arrives at the house Michael shares with his parents fresh out of juvenile hall. After turning eighteen, the judge decided that she should serve out the remainder of her sentence on house arrest. When she was sixteen she was arrested for tying up and robbing a couple. Michael shows her to her room, a bit weary to leave her alone. But he also stayed up all night studying for an exam and is in desperate need of some sleep. He wakes up with Khloe on top of him. His horror at seeing her there is matched by his arousal. Is she there to fuck him or rob him? Khloe takes control of the situation, and of her fearful stepbrother. She hasn’t had sex with a guy since she was locked up and she can’t wait any longer for some cock. She attacks him with the force of a psychotic in desperate need to get off. Soon she is sweating and squirting all over his thick cock, and even then she does not stop. She just keeps working her stepbrother’s dick until he cums all over her stomach.

Mike is kept awake all night by the sounds of his stepsister fucking another random online date. He marches up to her room to confront her about her nocturnal activities just as her date is leaving. The pair gets in a shouting match over her nightly visitors. Gia refuses to change her ways. If she is not going to stop having loud sex, Mike wants her to at least find a guy who knows what he is doing—a guy like him. He kisses her hard to silence her protests. She remains unconvinced. He tosses her down on the bed and starts licking her pussy like never before. Soon her mouth is so full of her stepbrother’s cock that she can’t make a sound, at least until he starts pounding her loud enough to wake their parents.

Robby is over-prepared for his first date with a girl that his stepsister Chloe, set him up with. Before leaving this house, his stepsister removes his tie and his sports jacket. She wants him to loosen up his shirt and his attitude. He is obviously trying too hard. A few hours later her returns home, defeated. Chloe discovers the reason for his terrible record with women. He is a virgin. She tells him she would totally date him if he wasn’t her stepbrother, but since their parents are married, she will just have to settle for fucking him. This time she removes much more than just his tie and jacket. She whips out his cock and crams it in her throat and pussy. Then she rides him rough in the family room until he finally learns to relax and enjoy himself around women.
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