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Outdoor fun and frolic are enjoyed by 4 couples with a perchance toward buttocks and bottom holes. The outdoor settings add a stimulating visual enhancement to various male and female tongues enthusiastically applied to long dongs and soft dippled genitiia. In the first scene an unplanned encounter between Cherry Candy and Cristiano lead to mutual poolside ass licking with some good hard fucking and sucking to bring them both off. Then Cherry Kiss and Renata team up to give Joe a tandem sucking and licking experience to die for. Having ones cock sucked and ass hole licked by two gorgeous babes, out on a patio, soon has Joe sputtering cum. When Jason meets Victoria out on the lawn tongues begin to wag after a brief conversation. That wagging is applied to Jason's cock and asshole until he is hard enough for Victoria to ride to orgasm. In the last scene Nelly a raven haired beauty shows outdoors bartender Joe what it like to be over stimulated. His cock, ball and asshole never new suck delightful sensations.
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