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This video features massive hooters, rubbing up against one another or jerking off a cock between succulent soft white globes. In three of the four scenes, in this rendition of Bizarre's Big Breasted Lusty Babes, there are lucky guys planting their dicks between big fleshy mounds of breasts. But the pussy below does not go un-noticed and there is plenty of penetration there as well. Tarzan is particularly fortunate with 2 pairs of gazongas to play with. All three guys blow their wads on to those alabaster mounds of milk. In the fourth scene two lusciously endowed lesbians find pleasure by ravishing each other's tits through fondling sucking and licking. The breast action leads their attentions to pussies where they indulge each other with lips, tongues and a hefty wand vibrator culminating in orgasms for both.
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