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John Cross & the happiest crew in the entertainment business are back in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a contest full of lovely Mexican women that were pleased at a chance to show off for the American audience. Shot at the 20/Twenty Club in Cabo, you’ll see they don’t call them Hot Blooded for nothing.
Nine sexy senoritas who don’t need to speak English to communicate. Their body language says it all!
Backstage is a Bi-Lingual experience that should get your engine started.
Private dances from Denise, Jasmin, Mireya, Gina, Damiana, Bridget, Vanja & Monique will knock your sombrero off.
You better like you salsa X-TRA HOT, when you watch this show. Grab a cervesa amigo, we’re about to give new meaning to going "South of the Border".
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