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Брызги Безумия / Squirt Madness (2020)

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It is a hot day and Gianna Dior decides to perform a striptease before crawling to her boyfriend and taking his cock in her throat. When it is time to cool down, she chooses to do it in the squirt fountain. Alina Lopez admires the beauty of her gorgeous body in the mirrors but when she's wet enough, she favors her lad. Excited, he returns the favor by giving the hot blonde many squirting orgasms. Chanel Grey's head is always full of sex thoughts. She caresses her stunning body in a tiny pink outfit and even fingers her asshole before going inside the house to play with her man. When Eliza Ibarra runs into her boyfriend, the only thing that can brighten her day is her boyfriend's cock. She teases him a little before giving him a blowjob and bending over, asking for doggy style.

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