Poledick (2017)

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Ep 1:
Poledick returns from war to find his beloved busty fianc he has married another so he takes solace in the arms of the local wenches and has a good rummage in their bloomers.
Ep 2:
The local physician Dr Fannys pays a visit to blonde bombshell Baren Knigth. After he unleashes her heaving bosom gives her a thorough examination, they both feel 100% better.
Ep 3:
Captain Blimey is desperate to deflower the beautiful and innocent Titty and win her hand in marriage by bending her owner the furniture and fucking her tight virgin hole.
Ep 4:
Flame haired damsel Dementia gets wet watching Poledick works the land. When he reveals his six pack she feels a deep stirring in her loins and the desperate need to sit on his cock.
Ep 5:
Poledick can no longer wait for his one true love. He travels to Jizzabreath’s house, rips off her bodice and they fuck like rabbits.

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