The Fugitive (1997)

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Patrick and Carla are a young married couple living in near-perfect bliss along north-eastern Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Patrick, a hydroplane pilot, occasionally has to put in extra hours with foxy tourists, but his heart beats only for Carla. He is an extremely jealous husband, and when they are enjoying a pleasant day on the beach, a peeping Tom makes advances towards curvacious Carla. Partick goes into a violent rage and so Carla runs weeping to her sister's house in Sydney. Patrick follows her, but Carla doesn't want anything to do with this violent man. To take her mind off it all, she goes to a porno show and meets Frank, a specialist in live hard-core sex performances. Frank takes her breath away. Carla spends the night with Frank, completely unaware that Patrick awaits her at her sister's house, intent on dragging her back to the conjugal home. This thriller by Pierre Woodman is full of twisting plots starring ravashingly beautiful girls shot against a backdrop of some of Australia's most beautiful scenery. This movie received an award for Best Foreign Release at AVN 1998 and Best Hard Film at FICEB in 1997.

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