» » » Званый ужин 2 / Dinner Party 2: The Buffet (1996)

Званый ужин 2 / Dinner Party 2: The Buffet (1996)

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You’ll get a lot of FRESH, hot sex at "The Buffet," starting with a sunny front yard anal frolic with Sofia Ferrari, Tom Byron and the ever-nasty Kimberly Kummings. This Party is filled to the brim with hot looking (and NEW) babes, including the charms of Nanna (fellatio charms, backdoor charms, hard thrusting...you get the picture..). Euro-stud Hakan dines a la carte until Stephanie Swift saunters up to his bone for a hair-raising blowjob! Such strong hands!

Ebony love machine Sean Michaels gets two water sprites to splash around his big unit. Mouth-filling fellatio and purposeful anal sex round out this very wet scene! Throw in a couple of mind-boggling orgies, exotic Midori, and it could take you a couple of days to watch this movie! These fuckers will wear you out!

Cigar aficionados will appreciate Tyler Sweet’s manly puffing before taking buxotic Lisa Ann all the way to lezzie paradise. That’s just one of a dozen hot dishes served up piping HOT!

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