Hot Shots (1974)

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Many people do not realize that Sonny Landham, best known for mainstream movies like "48 Hours," "Predator" "The Warriors" and "Lockup" actually got his jump start doing twenty or so adult movies in the 1970s. The producers of "Hot Shots" shelved the film for years, but because AVN leaked the news, they saw no reason to hold back any longer.So, here is the original theatrical release of "Hot Shots", a laugh filled comedy about a Texas cowboy who comes to the Big Apple and turns the tables on the city slickers in his quest for sex by posing as a photographer and seducing the models. The last scene has Sonny in a threesome with a girl who is suspended from the ceiling. Classic!Original Liner Notes: Big Tex Bullwanger rolls out of Texas and into the Big Apple hot for action. Brawny, if light on brain, Tex may be slow but he is far from dumb! He's got a plan that will bring the babes to him.

What do big city girls want most? To be models. And whose hands are these delectable dishes just putty in? The photographer's, right? The guy who takes those hot, hot shots. Tex can't tell a lens from an F-stop, but do these girls know that? Heh, heh, heh. He'll get them all - singly or in pairs, groups or threes. Getting located, he hits upon a curvaceous, lusty lady with an apartment for rent. The heat is on as they feel out each other's credentials. Each ends up in an enviable position. Now that he has a base, Tex is free to sniff out openings in the art world. He gets a graphic demonstration from a painter whose body is her art. She shows him that she can use her derriere for something more than a place to sit down. The sophisticate gets quite a rise out of Tex. After so much hard work, Tex boards a buddy's yacht to relax. But it is brimming with nubile young ladies. These urchins may be youngm but they are expert voluptuaries. Big Tex is up to his ears in warm, pliant, happy girls- without so much as a snapshot to show for it. It is his dream come true!

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