» » » Парень Моей Дочери #4 / My Daughter's Boyfriend # 4 (2001)

Парень Моей Дочери #4 / My Daughter's Boyfriend # 4 (2001)

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Legendary adult star Lisa Ann is suffering from the empty nest syndrome as young daughter Zoe Voss leaves for college. Bored and stuck in a dull marriage, Lisa enlists the help of young computer tech Anthony Rosano to help her build a home office. But Lisa is instantly attracted to the hot young stud, and is soon desperately trying to entice the young man with her hot little dresses and plunging necklines. Anthony soon falls prey to the older woman's charms, but after a round of explosive afternoon sex, Anthony tells Lisa he can't see her again. Lisa is distraught, but daughter Zoe is coming home for the weekend and she's eager to introduce her parents to her new college boyfriend. Guess who's coming to dinner? Written and Directed by Nica Noelle.

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