» » » Лебеди Лос-Анджелеса / Swans of LA (2013)

Лебеди Лос-Анджелеса / Swans of LA (2013)

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Porn star Tasha Reign is the hottest crossover star to hit the Hollywood scene. Paired with her best friends and fellow porn stars, Anna Mosna and Mia Malkova, as well as her younger porn sister, Siri, they take the industry by storm, fucking fans and having fun doing it! Tasha’s agent James has received big news of a mainstream opportunity, but first she’ll have to seal the deal with the Director, who happens to be more of a porn fan than serious about casting her. Will Tasha get the role or will it go to the biggest slut in the club? The Director has all the power and the girls are willing to go along for the sex crazed and wild ride to guarantee Tasha’s spot on the silver screen!

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