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Playboy: Girls Of Rock & Roll (1985)

Общий бал: 8.7
Проголосовало людей: 7
Discover the hottest new stars, born to rock and to put their bodies on the line with every performance. They're the girls of rock and roll, incredible entertainers with talent, drive and sensuous style.

From chic clubs to back-street rehearsal halls, Playboy's talent scouts searched out these headliners of tomorrow. Now, you'll experience them all, together for the first time, in this electrifying portrait of the female rockers setting the music world ablaze.

They're fire and ice, sex and soul, innocence and danger. You'll have a front row seat as they go for it all, live on stage and in their own never-before-seen videos. Then, go backstage and meet them in candid, personal profiles and erotic, intimate nude scenes.

From hard rock to heavy metal, New Wave to R&B, Girls Of Rock & Roll showcases the most dynamic new talents of today, from their public music to their private lives.

Girls Of Rock & Roll - It's music like you've never seen it before!

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