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Iron Magazine's Sexy Swimsuit Spectacular 2 (1996)

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You asked for it! Nine of the world's fittest, most beautiful women cast off all inhibitions in the second installment of our Sexy Swimsuit Spectacular series, a wild behind-the-scenes look at our steamiest photo shoot yet! Fasten your seatbelts as these hard-bodied beauties reveal themselves in intimate, up-close encounters! Stretched invitingly in the sand, or splashing in the jewel-clear California surf, our sexy sirens pose and play, clad in little more than a tan and a smile while the camera captures every breathtaking moment. It's seductive and irrestible! You'll experience all the fun and spontaneity of a live photo shoot including many scenes that simply could not be printed in IRON MAN magazine. Escape with us to a place where your fantasies come true. Swimsuit Spectacular #2 is your ticket to paradise. So don't miss the boat. Warning: This video contains partial nudity. Due to the explicit nature of this tape you must be 18 year old or older to purchase

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