» » » Dream Of A Mermaid - The Director's Cut (1993)

Dream Of A Mermaid - The Director's Cut (1993)

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Enter the world of warm blue waters and picturesque seascapes that surround the world's most exotic and beautiful coral reefs.

In this mystical realm exists an empire where beautiful Mermaids swim seductively and sensually among the thousands of dazzling tropical fish.

Featuring world famous supermodel Tracy Millhollon, this seductively artistic video is an uncensored and revealing look at this underwater enchantress as she glides gracefully through this magnificent cathedral of the sea.

From the award winning team that brought you the "Scuba World" television series, this video is a celebration of the beauty and majesty of the sea and all those who inhabit this underwater empire.

Guaranteed to be a favorite for divers and lovers of the sea everywhere!

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