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Heisse Haut im Sommerwind (1983)

Общий бал: 4.8
Проголосовало людей: 8
  • Качество: TVRip
  • Название: Heisse Haut im Sommerwind
  • Жанр: Drama, Erotic, Classic
  • Год: 1983
  • Страна: France | Switzerland
  • Режиссёр: Michel Lemoine
  • Актёры: Gabriel Pontello, Cathy M?nard, Marianne Aubert

  • Продолжительность: 01:13:40
  • Перевод: German
The breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps provides the backdrop for smoldering sensuality in Hot Bodies. Roland, a handsome forty-year old businessman, is quite fond of his lovely wife, Doris – but that doesn’t stop him from taking advantage of the lovely young girls who are always attracted to him. Not that Doris isn’t open minded, however – after seeing an erotic movie with her husband, the couple ends up going with a lovely young woman and engaging in a torrid threeway affair.

But this erotic interlude leaves Doris with a bad taste, and she gives Roland the perfect opportunity to bring home all the girls he’s ever wanted; and Doris gets a chance to live it up with Didier and his best friend. But too much of a good thing is the downfall of this liberated couple. They will catch themselves indulging their hot bodies in some very hot sex!

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