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Biggest Sexiest Boobs In The USA Contest (1989)

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When four buxom beauties compete in the BIGGEST, SEXIEST BOOBS IN THE U. Biggest Sexiest Boobs in the USA Contest film S. A. CONTEST, there can only be one winner: the viewer! Watch as Beverlee Hills, Melissa Mounds, Leosha, and C. C. Moore bare their considerable assets for the camera's prying lens in a titillating competition guaranteed to deliver erotic thrills.

Beverlee Hills, Hollywood's newest big bust sensation! Known for her golden blonde hair and friendly smile, Beverlee combines a slim, athletic build with a mind-blowing set of mammaries. Beverlee's energy and her all-American beauty destine her to a great future!

Melissa Mounds' staggering physical dimensions have fast propelled the magnificent Melissa to the undisputed queen of the dance circuit. Truly Melissa has added new meaning to Double-E!

Leosha's, flaming red hair and humongous tits are her trademark. Friendly and fun to work with, Leosha's deliciously top-heavy figure earned her a spot among our extremely well qualified finalists!

C.C. Moore, our luscious import from Denmark, is known for her awesome seven inch tongue, but Napali Video is confident that all you big bust fans out there will agree that her 44" DD bustline guarantees her fame in the U.S.A.

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