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Одинокий рейнджер / The Long Ranger (1987)

Общий бал: 10
Проголосовало людей: 4
Don’t go into this one expecting to see any masked men or silver bullets. The mystifying title notwithstanding, this one is actually about busty Southern belle Cyndee Summers, who runs a resort designed for single women to meet available men. But when a trio of luscious ladies shows up at the resort, it seems there are no men present. Cyndee tells them about how she caught her husband Herschel Savage dilly-dallying with one of the female guests and subsequently barred all men from the area. Needless to say, Cyndee’s resort is now about to go under. So instead of actually hooking up with any guys, the gals sit around and dream up spicy sexual encounters and regale one another with their lusty tales. Sweet Tami Lee Curtis dreams that she was the one to romp with Herschel in a steamy segment, while Sheri St. Clair cooks up naked cowboy Jerry Butler to play with. The third sex-mad cutie fantasizes about Brandon Harris, who finds himself in a fantasy-fueled threesome with a couple of the gals. In the end, Herschel shows up and begs forgiveness, ending up in the clinch with Cyndee again. Fast-paced and tongue-in-cheek, this one is a rip-roaring dose of pure 80s hardcore, populated by some of the most naturally nubile young strumpets of the time.

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