» » » Научи Меня Своими Путями / Teach Me Your Ways (2019)

Научи Меня Своими Путями / Teach Me Your Ways (2019)

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After trying on her new lingerie, new roommate Kiara goes down the hall to Katie's room to show it off. She stops at the door when she hears moaning coming from the room. Peaking in she finds Katie masturbating. Enjoying what she is seeing, Kiara watches until Katie notices and invites her in to share her favorite toy. Katie teaches her how the clit stimulating toy works and then they enjoy each other!

Penny is studying to learn how to play the guitar but is having trouble with the chords. Her instructor Jayden tells her that focusing on her finger placement will help. After continuing to struggle with the lesson Jayden decides to show her student where else she could use her fingers.

Rebellious teen Judy is struggling in school with algebra and has asked honor roll student Lyra to tutor her. Frustrated and still not understanding math, Judy decides to turn her attention on the eighteen-year-old Lyra. Judy makes a move on the hesitant but curious nerd, only to find out she's a virgin! Judy becomes more lively discovering Lyra's wonderful but hidden breasts. The aroused Lyra then shows Judy the lesbian skills that she knows and makes her cum like a good student!

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