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Тётя Пег / Aunt Peg (1980)

Общий бал: 9.5
Проголосовало людей: 2
  • Качество: DVDRip
  • Название: Тётя Пег
  • Оригинальное название: Aunt Peg
  • Жанр: Classic
  • Год: 1980
  • Страна: USA
  • Режиссёр: Anthony Spinelli
  • Актёры: Donna Hart, Holly McCall, Juliet Anderson, Seka, Serena, Sharon Kane

  • Студия: Cal Vista
  • Продолжительность: 1:18:48
  • Перевод: Английский
A gorgeous female film producer (Juliet Anderson), a hot-blooded, tempermental Italian director, a dazzlingly beatiful young starlet and a small town teenage seductress all come together in the extremely hot story of AUNT PEG.

Peg Norton is not like any aunt you've ever had!! Her success in the film business is taken to new heights by her lust for sex. Her niece Sheila, comes to visit her in Hollywood and before long she finds out just how lusty dear old Aunt Peg can be!! Peg Norton will stop at nothing to satisfy her cravings... even taking Sheila in the end. Don't miss Hollywood, the stars, the movies, and most of all... AUNT PEG!

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