» » » Образцы конфет внутри / Inside Candy Samples (1985)

Образцы конфет внутри / Inside Candy Samples (1985)

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Dr. Candy Cox, played by the outrageous Candy Samples, is a world renowned sex therapist with an extremely horny caseload. Both men and women flock to her office for sexual advice, lessons in technique and a little nookie. Although Dr. Cox has never been known to refuse a case, her assistant, the vivacious Loretta is usually the one who does all of the sexual dirty work. However, when the handsome Rob walks into her reception room, Candy knows instinctively that this is the man who can supply her own unique sexual needs.
While Dr. Cox gets some lessons from her newest patient, Loretta tends to the needs of Vicki his nymphomaniac wife. Then Loretta’s lesbian girlfriend, Cecily, stops by and gives a hand, and a mouth, and some fingers, until even Vicki is satisfied – well, almost! By the time a handy stud enters and finishes off the three girls, Dr. Cox is through with Rob. The story might have ended here except for Vicki. She’s still climbing over wasted bodies – searching for someone to give her one last mind boggling orgasm!

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