» » » Секреты Послушной Жены / Secrets Of A Willing Wife (1979)

Секреты Послушной Жены / Secrets Of A Willing Wife (1979)

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Upon returning home from a day of shopping, our New York housewife is startled to find her husband cavorting in bed with her best friend. She throws down her wedding band and storms out. The distressed wife concludes that only her own sexual inadequacy would cause her husband to have another woman in her bed and on the advice of her psychiatrist, she visits CheeChee, a sex therapist with racy ideas about how to cure marital problems. CheeChee sends our willing wife on a series of sensual, hilarious escapades. She learns about herself, eliminates her inhibitions, gains confidence in her amatory skills, and soon is ready to win her husband back. In one of the most climactic scenes of the decade, she proves that her friend is no competition for a willing wife. The wife and husband reunite and the sparks fly again as they had years ago.

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