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Борьба Девочек / Girls of Wrestling (2019)

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When Layla (Ariel X) was caught for a DUI, her life changed completely. She lost her pro wrestling contract and was sentenced to do community service. Luckily, her old coach and best friend Nina (Nina Hartley ) has offered her a spot as a trainer at her gym. She can train the amateur wrestlers, and Nina will help her to get back on her feet. Laylas arrival at the gym happened at the perfect time. The girls need to be ready for a big event and they need a lot of help to bring the show to the next level. Her leap into the amateur league will not be easy. Everything she does will be scrutinized by the young reporter, Paula Ford (Charlotte Stokely), even her emotional relationship with the gifted star Sophie Shotgun Smith (Sinn Sage). Layla will give everything shes got to raise this promising squad to the big leagues - and a lot of tension and pent up desires will be taken to the mat!

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