» » » Я застукала свою сестру / I Caught My Sister (2016)

Я застукала свою сестру / I Caught My Sister (2016)

Общий бал: 8.2
Проголосовало людей: 5
There's something incredible about how control affects our lives. Some girls need to be in control of everything and when they don't get it, they act upon their urges, their wildest fantasies. When my sister caught me masturbating in high school, I just refused what she saw, but that's not what happens between stepsisters Kimmy Granger and Alice March! I sympathize with Iris Rose too, who came out to her mom mom as a lesbian, and didn't get the loving nurturing response that she was hoping for. When her mom told her to leave, she called up her girlfriend Jojo Kiss in order to retain some of the control she lost in dealing with her ignorant mother. Iris shows up and Jojo makes sure that she gets exactly the amount of sexual lesbian control she needs to start healing from the traumatic experience.

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