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Подростковый секс учитель / Sexting The Teacher (2018)

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Gina Valentina gossips with her classmate Melissa Moore about her teacher Miss Morgan who's always ogling their tits and asses. Gina comes up with a plan to mess with the lesbian professor. They send text with racy photos of them naked. Lily Labeau tries to get out of photography class class to attend a party. When she calls her teacher Celeste Star with an excuse, Celeste invites her to come over the following morning to give her a private lesson. Teacher Katie Morgan calls her students Gina and Melissa into her office to inquire about the naked pics that were texted to her. The teens deny the wrong-doing, but Katie shows them the evidence that was left. After Lily's private lesson with photography teacher Celeste, they get together for another session. She sits half naked on the bed in sexy poses and teases the teacher by slowly removing her bra. She then starts to play with her panties and shows her bush, then she turns around and flaunts her tight ass.

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