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Hot Body Competition: The Underwear Must Go! (2001)

Общий бал: 8.5
Проголосовало людей: 13
There's no way around it, when these girls take the stage they won't be leaving until their undergarments are long gone.
Join John Cross and the lingerie lovin' Hot Body Crew at the Danni's Hard Drive sound stage for The Underwear Must Go Contest.
Witness 9 mouthwatering models tantalizingly removing their costumes as they vie to seduce you and the judges. The backstage,
behind the scenes footage is some of the most intimate and revealing uncoverage we've ever filmed. Shelby, Celeste Crawford, Rebecca,
Holly Hollywood, Odessa, Priscilla, Monica Mendez,Lola and Kimberlynn hold nothing back on stage, and each perform private dances guaranteed
to warm your blood. When all is said and done, we're pretty sure after viewing plenty of nudity, you won't be that concerned with where the underwear has gone.

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