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Join Shawna, Amy, Julie and Lisa as they frolic about beautiful Journeys End resort diving in the buff and each treasuring their own private moments.

Imagine warm tropical days. Imagine gentle breezes and caressing waves lapping at the powdery sand of an almost deserted tropical island. Now, Mermaid Movies introduces to this paradise four beautiful ladies: Shawna, Amy, Julie and Lisa. Each is from a different background, but each is in love with sun, fun and the total escape offered by Mother Ocean. Join this lovely quartet as they frolic about the beautiful Journey's End resort. Far from the big city, each girl finds her treasured private moments. Come along as the girls dive au natural, swim with some of the ocean's most beautiful creatures, and find an ancient love letter which makes their fantasy more vivid.

Reminiscent of the classic Playboy Video collections from the 80s and 90s, ''Mermaid Movies'' presents a stunning assortment of the world's most beautiful women filmed at some of the most exciting locations around the world. From the sun-splashed shores of Belize to the otherworldly mystery of Palau in Micronesia, these erotic aquatic fantasies are loaded with sea, sand, sun, and fun...and filled with breathtaking footage of gorgeous women in every frame.
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