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Playboy: Biker Babes, Hot Wheels & High Heels (1997)

Общий бал: 9.8
Проголосовало людей: 5
Get ready for hard-driving excitement as Playboy presents every man's fantasy. They're the ultimate high-performance models - the world's most beautiful women aboard the sleekest chrome & steel machines. Hosted by Playmate Tylyn John, daughter of motocross champion Tom John, this video adventure makes tracks from the California coastline to Daytona Beach and the open road in between. These biker beauties are the hottest things on two wheels as they take you on a seductive superbike test run, a futuristic fantasy, a grand prix racing striptease, and to a machine shop where no uniforms are required... or worn! Plus, there's nonstop action at Daytona's Miss Bike Week, including Best Tattoo contests and a private invitation to the ultimate biker bash!

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