» » » Die Witwe meines besten Freundes (2018)

Die Witwe meines besten Freundes (2018)

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During the lifetime of his best friend, breeding bull Robert gave languishing glances at his attractive wife Mandy. One year after his demise, the sweet-toothed, sweet-toothed comforter goes full on the assault and stuffs his sexually hungry, hot widow with his sturdy cock between his tight, wet thighs. Even uncle J?rgen admits the love-hungry, plump breasted Doris, the wife of his deceased friend only after prolonged mourning his more than friendly feelings, then heartbeat like a vulture on the rat-hot thoroughbred mare. The extremely busty Susanne and friend Guido share the same fate. Their marriage partners had a fatal car accident at the same time. Since the bereaved are neither types for melee boards and bums pubs, they fight together the path of least resistance. In this way, the slightly leptosome Guido comes into the enjoyment of butterflies filling the walls and celebrates his long-awaited anal premiere at the age of 52. In her youth, blonde Mia'ne was swollen, fucking rock bitch. After the death of her husband, the tattooed, cock-hungry slut seeks comfort from music producer Johnny and falls as a vacant property like a starving hyena over the best friend of her different spouse. Have fun!

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