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Жесткий Brexxxit / Hard Brexxxit (2017)

Общий бал: 7.1
Проголосовало людей: 9
The public have voted for Brexxxit so Teaser Maynot is going have to use her feminine charms on the leader of The Laymore Party Jizza Cwoarbyn to get the hard exit she wants
On a trip to The White House, Teaser strengths her special relationship with Tronald Dump.
Russian leader Gladimhere Putitin gets hot and bothered when the Ice Queen and First Lady of America, Mania Dump reveals her hot, well-toned body.
Scottish leader Knickerless Virgin reaches out to the German Chancellor, Angular Merkin for support but they end up in a tartan tryst.
Pianne Faggot uses her large assets to persuade a loyal Whorey supporter to put his X under the Laymore Party.

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