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Беглецы 7 / Runaways 7 (2002)

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Fed up with her mom, Lisa (in her debut role!) leaves for the big city, only to find that with no money the only thing of value that she had was her hot little ass and ripe tits. In the meantime, who would have thought that Angel would end up as a rock star's groupie? To think that her folks thought that she wouldn't amount to anything. I wonder if being a fuck toy is an honorable profession? And finally, there isn't anything dumber than a na?ve girl with cock on her brain...and Michelle is pretty na?ve. Her "true love" pops her cherry and leaves a bun in her oven, but not before being popped himself. Full of juicy tales of the highway and the underworld, these are some tasty tales of little runaways and the lessons they learn.

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