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Беглецы 8 / Runaways 8 (2002)

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Town Idiot: A naughty schoolgirl who feels sorry for the local town moron introduces him to the pleasures of the flesh. Jubilee is one of the hottest and freshest teeners we've had the pleasure of shooting in a long time. L.A. Vice: L.A. Vice...A corrupt policeman teaches a runaway streetwalker what her pussy, mouth and ass were intended for... Ryan Meadows plays a snotty little bitch who has to be taught a lesson that she will never forget. Cyberstalker: August plays a girl who is trying to escape the sexual advances of her stepfather, only to run into the arms of another lecherous man who has been stalking her via the internet. Runaway Hustler: She was a conniving little wench that let her pussy do the talking and her sweet candy ass could sing too...Her sugar daddy finds out the highs and lows of a relationship that was doomed to failure from the start.

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