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Curvaceous / Пышногрудые (2008)

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Описание: Talk about heavy petting... Welcome to Vivid Plus, a celebration of big, beautiful ballers. Abbey is about to get married, but first she’s going to party in a big way. As she and her friends get ready to celebrate, we watch each girl shower, powder and play with their pussies until they come. On the way to the party, Abbey sleeps with her lover one last time…her sister fucks her boyfriend every which way... her best friend has to blow a cop to avoid a ticket... and more!
When all the girls arrive at the party, the real show really begins... with three male strippers who arrive as entertainment. ... Full Description A big-time orgy ensues, and Abbey must decide once and for all if marriage is really for her. Curvaceous. This could be the start of something big.

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