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My Stepmother Is A Vampire / Моя Мачеха - Вампир (2014)

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Этот порно блокбастер расскажет историю семьи, раздираемую темными силами и неестественной страстью. Мачеха одержима молодыми самцами, а дочь с сводным братом занимаются семейным развратом. Это эпическая история о вампирах.

Lust never dies in Private's eagerly awaited blockbuster tale of a family torn apart by dark forces and unnatural passions. A step-mother obsessed with youth. A father driven to the edge of reason. A daughter and her step-brother taken to the depths of depravity. A fianc?e with a love too strong to die. All filmed in Prague with today's most beautiful talent in an epic tale of vampires and vixens. A timeless story in a in a series of scenes which leave no taboo unexplored. Featuring Alexis Crystal, Ferrera Gomez, Gabriella Gucci, Victoria Redd and over a dozen top performers in roles that will define their careers.

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